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The CCAP Resource Room is open to all people involved in the CCAP,
Its objectives are to provide all CCAP participants with the necessary materials for CCAP Classes and to help people develop and improve their knowledge and understanding of cultural exchanges during the classes.
Its major strength lies in its unique collection which includes a wide range of brochure, CD, Currency, National Flag, folk object, traditional costume and many other printed material devoted to different cultures and civilizations of the world. Through the online search system, you can review and reserve the items you want for our CCAP classes.

Only person involved in the CCAP activities may become members. There are no other special requirements for admission, and membership is free to use. However, in order to borrow, registration is necessary.
Operating Hours
Mon-Fri : 09:00-18:00
Please note that the resource room will be closed for 12:00-13:00 for lunch
User’s guidelines
Must be member
Proof of identity
Contact information
Reservation can be made online at anytime before class
User’s responsibility
Required materials must be picked-up at least 3 days before your CCAP classes
Return borrowed items as soon as possible after the class
Do not circulate library materials among other KIVs and CEVs
Borrow only those items required for your CCAP classes
Please take extra care of all items in our Resource Room